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No dental insurance? Join our membership plan today!

Are you a patient of Family Smiles Dental Palestine without insurance? Then join our membership plan today and receive free limited exams and necessary x-rays, plus 20-85% off most dental services. There’s no waiting periods or maximums – savings begin immediately!

Procedure Description Member Pays* Member Savings*
Limited Exam & Necessary X-Rays No Charge 100%
Comprehensive Exam & X-Rays $30 87%
Adult Cleaning $69 20%
Child Cleaning $45 20%
Topical Fluoride - Excluding Varnish $25 50%
One Surface Filling - Anterior $105 20%
Two Surface Filling - Anterior $25 20%
Three Surface Filling - Anterior $149 22%
Crown - Porcelain/Ceramic $849 31%

*Exact member savings may vary by location. Free limited exams and necessary x-rays are limited to 2x per member/per annual membership term. Please speak with our office prior to treatment.