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Dentistry's Leading Platform for the Administration of Your New or Existing In-House Dental Plan

We're the dental industry's leading platform for the design, development and administration of In-House Dental Plans for a reason; we offer dentists a suite of turnkey administration services to support the performance of their offices' In-House Dental Plan.

Discover how you can launch your own proprietary, regulatory compliant and professionally administered In-House Dental Plan in just minutes using our revolutionary online platform.

Statistics continue to show dentists that utilize a professionally administered In-House Dental Plan within their offices see increased case acceptance rates, services rendered and patient loyalty.

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Texas Dentists: Create your custom In-House Dental Plan from start to finish in minutes using our revolutionary online platform. Our technology and turnkey support services make creating and customizing your In-House Dental Plan's fee schedule and marketing materials quick and easy - and most importantly - on your terms!

Hear what dentists across Texas are saying about creating their custom In-House Dental Plan using our online platform.

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"Creating our in-house dental plan using the TXDP Platform has allowed us to have our own proprietary, regulatory compliant, and professionally administered in-house dental plan. Our plan helps our uninsured patients afford their recommended dental care, while also helping our offices better service and retain patients. Now that we have our own in-house dental plan in place, we no longer have to rely on third party insurance plans filled with red tape." - Dr. Chris Swayden, Smile Workshop 

texas discount dental plan
"Now, more than ever, we needed a solution that helps us more efficiently service our large number of self-pay patients. Whether it's one of our patients that's a retiree and no longer has a viable dental plan, or a patient whom post Affordable Care Act no longer has a good employer-sponsored dental plan, our in-house dental plan is a fabulous tool to help bridge the gap between the quality of care for insured and uninsured patients." - Dr. Himesh Kana, Dental Depot

"Our practice is contracted with a variety of third-party payors and it became evident that these payors didn't want us charging our uninsured patients less than what we charge their plan members. Presenting our retail fees side-by-side our in-house dental plan member fees keeps us compliant with third party payors, reduces our business risk, and adds validity to our pricing structure." - Dr. Sarah Lamere

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